3DTangle: Zentangle® Magic Moments

Understand why and how the Zentangle® Method works as an art method and relaxation practice.

Learn to create amazing Zentangle • enioken.com

Learn to create amazing Zentangle • enioken.com


This is my "Zentangle 101" ebook -- the very first one you should get!

I don't often write beginners books, however, I felt this was the one missing from my collection. I've been showered with questions from my Facebook group about the basics of the Zentangle method, and this book contains answers to those questions from my point of view.

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The Zentangle method has fascinated thousands of people worldwide, including me. And yet, every day more people ask questions, "What is so special about Zentangle? What is so different from doodling or any other traditional art methods?"

When first discovered Zentangle, I was an artist with almost 30 years of artistic practice and numerous awards under my belt. And yet, I was amazed at the elegance and potential of the method. In this book I will tell you how I met Zentangle, what it did for me, and why I fell in love with it.  

64 PAGES, packed with tips and answers for you

Every part of the Zentangle method has a reason of being there. It is not just an art method, it's a relaxation technique, which I use almost every day. 

The ebook details each one of the 8 Zentangle steps. Your questions are carefully answered from my point of view of an experienced artist, how I see and understand the method. 

Learn to create amazing Zentangle • enioken.com

Learn to create amazing Zentangle • enioken.com

  • How and why does the method work?

  • Why is Zentangle drawn on small tiles?

  • Why is it that tanglers are so addicted to the method?

  • How is Zentangle different than doodling?

  • Why is repetition so important? Why should I use a string?

These are just a few of the questions this book will answer for you. 

Regardless of your level of practice in the Zentangle method, you'll find invaluable tips, tricks and ALL THE REASONS why I believe the method works for both beginners and seasoned artists. 

Learn to create amazing Zentangle • enioken.com

Learn to create amazing Zentangle • enioken.com

What people said about this book

In this book, you will find: 

  • Introduction on Zentangle

  • The Artist's Life: Three Magic Moments

  • What Zentangle did for me

  • The anatomy of a Zentangle Tile

  • What is the purpose of Zentangle?

  • Zentangle vs. Doodling, a comparison

  • Why is Zentangle non-representational, abstract?

  • Tools and Supplies

  • The Zentangle Method in 8 detailed steps

  • Tangle Elemental Strokes: ICSO

  • Tangling your first Tile

  • Auras and Echo Lines

  • Drawing Behind

  • Drawing Spirals and Sparkles

  • Tangling your second Tile

  • Zentangle Case Studies

  • Collecting Tangles

  • Templates


Learn to create amazing Zentangle • enioken.com

Learn to create amazing Zentangle • enioken.com

If you cannot take a live class with a CZT® (Certified Zentangle Teacher), then this ebook is the next best thing

This book detailed explanations on each step of the method! 

Learn to create amazing Zentangle • enioken.com

Learn to create amazing Zentangle • enioken.com

I'm sure you'll love this book even if you are a seasoned Tangler who hasn't been able to take a Zentangle class.

You'll have a greater understanding of why and how the method works

This is what Deb Correia -- a wonderful editor with eagle eyes and clear vision -- wrote after she helped edit the book:

Eni Oken's newest book, 3D Tangle: Zentangle Magic Moments, is the book I wish I had had when I started tangling. I bought many books that were either collections of tangles with a little bit of technical information, or too much technical information for me to feel confident to start. This new book is a perfect blend.

It's loaded with information that is clear and concise without being overwhelming. It has enough tangles in it to get you started, and shows you how different each one can look with beautiful examples.

While Zentangle Magic Moments is geared toward beginners, even experienced tanglers can learn from this fantastic book. As we've come to expect, Eni delivers the content clearly and concisely, covering everything one needs to understand to get started, from materials through the creative process.

Being completely self-taught myself, there were definitely some "aha!" moments that I missed in my own learning process, which I will be incorporating into my practice. 

Learn to create amazing Zentangle • enioken.com

Learn to create amazing Zentangle • enioken.com

This is what the very talented Adri Van Wyk said about the book:

Eni, I have carefully worked through the new “magic” book of yours and I wish that I could start all over again for the first time. You have explained everything so precise and down to earth – you will create an artist out of someone that would otherwise never be able to have the satisfaction (magic) of creating a special piece of art.

All the information you include is a so important when starting the art of zentangle and you explain the reasons for every aspect that I discover on my Zentangle journey.

You explained so gracefully the way of using tangles and creating a piece of zentangle art that it is definitely clear for anyone – not only the beginner artists. Your shading and the explanation on the method of shading is as usual spot-on. I am the living proof of someone that have no training as a an artist at all - and thanks to you and your well written explanations and demonstrations I am now able to shade my zentangle art to something that makes me proud. In this book you really explain more than enough to fill every starter student and also the ones that are struggling with their shading with the necessary equipment to give their work new life.

Thanks Eni for a wonderful book and deconstructing the Zentangle method into a easy and accessible way of doing. This is a great book and I will promote it to all my Zentangle friends.


Adri goes on to mention the three concepts which stood out to her and why:

"Even those without art training” – for most starters in Zentangle this is the fear.

“Every step [of Zentangle] has a profound reason” – this is the utmost truth … and when you continue to draw you will have the full meaning of the words in your work.

“The fear of letting go of all wonderful possibilities” – when faced with a blank page you sometimes feel a blank person … and Zentangle with it prescribed reasoning fill your blank view on life with fullness and motivation.


And this is the very moving letter I got from Tasmin Rootman, with the tile she made after reading the book: 

Posted with permission

Posted with permission

Dear Eni,
Your latest book as literally moved me to tears... All my life I've loved repetition. It is to me the most relaxing action in the world. It soothes me... drowns out the noise of the world... brings things into sharp focus... gives me clarity like nothing else can. So much so, that one of my most memorable jobs as a young person was stamping the post of a tax firm in London every afternoon!

All my life I have also wanted to be artistic. Who doesn't, right?! But no, my [drawing of a] house didn't look like that fantastic artwork I was copying and no matter how I tried, facial features looked lopsided. I kept coming back to abstract and the satisfaction I got from just filling space with patterns. Those pieces of art were beautiful... only to me though, because I wasn't sharing them with anyone.

Do you see how your new book has captured the very essence of why I tangle? Why many of us have found artistic and emotional expression in Zentangle? Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making me feel I belong in the Zentangle community, because that is what your book has done for me. I am home.

As a whole your book is emotional but clear. Simple, yet intricate. I love that you take the beginner from the absolute first steps to the more advanced techniques with ease and clarity. Very well done. The steps are logical and practical.

Well done, Eni. Once again you have proven yourself to be a true teacher. NEXT BOOK TOPIC: Tangle Enhancers *wink* *wink*
Lots of love,

Learn Zentangle® 101 • enioken.com

Thank you Tasmin, for your wonderful letter, and for helping with detailed edits and very constructive suggestions on how to improve book.

Last but not least, I want to thank Tammi Rapp:

Thank you, my beautiful friend, for your constant willingness to help edit ebooks with clarity of vision, incredible suggestions and an extraordinary attention to detail.

And this is what people are saying on Facebook: 

This is a really good book! It is very concise and gives complete descriptions of what the Zentangle method is, where it came from and how to get started for yourself. The directions are simple and easy to follow, with lots of good diagrams and pictures. This is a great way to get on board as a beginner and start the wonderful journey with Eni and all her other amazing books! Nice work Eni! Very well written!
-Gail Smith Jones

Links to Tangle Stepouts:

You might find these Tangle step-outs useful. Thanks to all the lovely artists who graciously deconstructed these tangles for you. 


Ok, so what are you waiting for, get the ebook now!

Even seasoned tanglers will find invaluable tips and information in this book

This is the Zentangle® 101 book you were waiting for!

Copyright 2016 Eni Oken



Facebook comment:

"Your book is really helping me with the composition and not overdoing it with all the tangles! I am really enjoying it ( and all your books!). Thanks for having those for all of us that don't have access to take a class. "