New ebook! Zentangle® Magic Moments

It was about time I write an ebook on Zentangle basics! My new ebook, Zentangle® Magic Moments, is the "Zentangle basics" ebook that was missing in my collection. 

Learn to create amazing Zentangle® •

Learn to create amazing Zentangle® •

Although I don't write beginners books very often, during the last few months I've been showered with questions from my Facebook group asking about Zentangle basics. 

So I wrote this book explaining HOW I SEE AND UNDERSTAND the method, why I believe in it as a fantastic art method and relaxation technique. All the questions posted to me in the group are answered there, with detailed explanations about the 8 Zentangle method steps. 

The reviews from friends and editors have been wonderful so far. You can read them at the ebook page here:

The ebook is 64 pages long,  with detailed explanations of how the practice of Zentangle can help you, why each step has a very specific reason to be there, and how the method works. 

I didn't include a bunch of step-outs in the book -- just enough to get you started. Instead, I wrote WHY AND HOW you can practice the Zentangle method. 

Learn to create amazing Zentangle® •

Learn to create amazing Zentangle® •

To learn more about this ebook and to get it online, visit this page:

The book will be available for print towards the end of the year. 

If you can't take a class with a CZT® (Certified Zentangle Teacher), then this ebook is the next best thing.

I'm sure you're going to love it, especially if you are a seasoned tangler but have never taken a class!

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