Love Bitty BookZ™

I have a ton of bijou tiles that are just sitting around, I don't have the heart to give them away. So when Chris Titus came up with her new Bitty BookZ™ on how to create this miniature bound books with Zentangle tiles, I jumped at the opportunity to try this. (You can find Chris’ tutorial here: really clear pictures and detailed instructions!)
Here are some of my leftover 2x2” bijous:

I tell you, I spent three hours playing with this thing and I didn't even notice the time go by. SUCH FUN!!! Look at this mess!

I did not have the right materials as described in Chris’ tutorial, so I had to improvise. I feel that using the right materials does make a difference, so note to self, follow the tutorial instructions.

I added a scrap of embossed metal that I had left over from my lesson Metal Tangles for the cover, I really love the rustic but precious effect. For the spine I used a piece of ribbon, because I couldn't find a single piece of scrap fabric around.

I also was determined to use my bijous, and the size difference really made a difference as well, it was harder to work in the smaller size. So again, follow the instructions of the tutorial!

Because I used bijous, the book measures only 2x1 inches when closed, and 2x2 inches when open.

I had such fun, I LOVED this tutorial!