Knotted Square Medallion

It's been a busy week with personal things, my birthday and guests from out of town. Still, I played with Knotted versions of my Square Medallions, where the ribbons seem to cross over and under each other. The intricacy is incredible! These are the first two knotted medallions I made:

When I first started creating the Square Medallions, I felt I couldn't get any more intricate and complex, but I was wrong. These knotted versions feel so rich! Here are two pictures of the work in progress: 

And here is the final picture, complete with shading:

After I was done with the black one, I just needed to make another one, so I created a BLUE one. WHOA! This one just jumps off the paper. I got so excited about it that I immediately dropped everything and started making a lesson, which is going to be an advanced version of the Square Medallions. 

These Knotted Medallions requires a LOT of patience, but the results were pretty neat and so incredibly relaxing.
A lesson is available at the Shop!