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If you are still a bit unsure about shading your doodles, Zentangle® or ZIA (Zentangle Inspired Art) then this ebook was made for you.

“I’m afraid of trying shading... I don’t know where to start, or if I’m going to do it right. I might ruin my drawing.”

Sounds familiar?


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Keep in mind that I did NOT have the intention of teaching you EVERY shading technique or technical term in existence (and there are many out there). I will only show you a few shading tactics using pencil over paper, using techniques which I am familiar with and had great success.


41 Pages full of information on how to start understanding shading:

  • Step 1: Choose your materials

  • Step 2: Practice shading in layers

  • Step 3: Create your drawing

  • Step 4: Understand light and shading

  • Step 5: Visualize the picture in 3D

  • Step 6: Use shading tactics on larger areas

  • Step 7: Shade the smaller details

  • Step 8: Understand Highlights

  • Templates for you

Level: Beginner

Shading Fearlessly PDF Ebook by Eni Oken | enioken.com

This is what some people said about this ebook:

You did a great job with ebook of 3D tangle Fearless Shading (I downloaded it yesterday) great job I already like it so much.. And easy to read and understand this...AWESOME job!

I love this ebook! It has just what i need! I'm a Self teacher of art and ur books are nothing less than fabulous! Thank u for sharing ur skills!

I just purchased your 3D Tangle Shading Fearlessly e-book & I'm alrready amazed at what I am learning! This will be a wonderful tool for us tanglers. Thank you for creating this valuable resource!

I've got Eni's Shading Fearlessly and it is amazing. I find it extraordinary that there are instructors who can entice creativity out of anybody. Get the book.

Shading Fearlessly changed the way I look at shading forever. The information is easy to follow and makes a huge impact on even the simplest drawings. Thanks so much for writing these books! Posted by Tamara Penton Warren

Hi, just want to say how wonderful I think your book is. It has totally changed my idea on shading. I am attempting things I never thought I would try. Explained simply and very effectively. Can't praise it enough. A very grateful customer. Kath F. -Via email

With the help of Eni's wonderful ebook Shading Fearlessly I am learning to shade, not quite sure it's fearlessly yet! But it's fun. That book was somewhat of an "oh, NOW I get it!" moment for me, wish I had more time to put it into practice. Thanks Eni!

"Eni, you're an awesome teacher....working at honing my shading skills c/o your tutorials:)...thank you:)! xx S.D. via Facebook"

"I just finished Shading Fearlessly. Thanks Eni for such a great guide."

"Thank you! I love your book! I went right to work on my shading and wow!"


"Eni's books make it so clear. I began with Shading Fearlessly and stuck with B&W. I'm still not ready to move to color, other than gems, I have so much to learn."


"I love this book! I am still learning to shade but I am using this book daily & it is a huge help. I also bought the books on color shading, zen gems & using gray markers & in my opinion, you can't go wrong with any of Eni's books. I have them all printed out & in a big 3 ring binder that I can take with me when I travel for work. Thanks Eni for being willing to share ideas & methods with people who like me, are just beginning"

Check out also tons of comments on my Facebook page about this ebook -- it is the primer on learning how to shade Zentangle®, ZIA and doodles!

Now you can also get it in print!

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