Embossed Metal Tangles

A lot of people who read my article on Project Boxes asked me what was contained in the largest box, looking so shiny but rather disguised. Here it is, a project I've been playing with for quite some time, experimenting with new materials and new techniques.

These two tiles are made with EMBOSSED METAL, similar to Repoussé, a technique of working metal to form low relief designs. This TOTALLY reminds me of the days when I created jewelry, especially my brief few years with metal clay. It also reminds me of some of the silver pieces my great-grandmother brought back from the old country, pieces which were stolen and are long gone, only in my memory as a child. Perhaps they weren't as grungy as these :-)

The reason why it took me so long to show you this is because I had to do so much research with different types of metals, tools and finishes and see which tangles worked and which ones didn't. In the above example you see results with three different types of metal sheets.

I especially love the distressed and grungy look, it makes the whole thing have so much interest, looks like this is about 500 years old. Super cool! Here's another close-up of the first one:

I'm so psyched about this project and it will probably be available in a lesson soon. Contact me if you're just crazy about this idea as I am. That might just motivate me to bump it into the pipeline sooner!