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After the super fun we had with the Tangling over Distressed Tile ebook, it was about time I create a video: this video is a little over an hour and shows the ENTIRE PROCESS from beginning to end. 


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In this lesson you will learn to:

  • Prepare a distressed tile and what to look for when creating tiles for tangling

  • Look and enhance the features of a distressed tile

  • Understand how to use different media including ink pens, watercolor brush markers, alcohol pens, permanent ink pens, gel pens

  • Understand how to combine and control color to create luminous shading

  • Create soft and sharp highlights, including "twinkling" highlights

  • Sooooo many tips and tricks!

Learn how to create beautiful Zentangle® • enioken.com

List of Supplies

I use a variety of different brands, not hesitating to mix different types of media - with varied degrees of success! I've included links to Amazon or Blicks.com for you to find them easily (there is no additional cost to you). Some of these belong to sets and will not be found individually so feel free to adapt and change the colors or brands!

Do you feel like your distressed shading is missing something?

You'll understand to control color like never before.

Learn how to create beautiful Zentangle® • enioken.com


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Additionally, if you want to get really into the details of the right supplies, the technique and the process, consider also getting my ebook:


Tangling over Distressed Tiles PDF Ebook

Learn how to select the right media for tangling over distressed tiles, and the complete breakdown of my method. Learn more


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