3DTangle: Choosing Tangle Patterns


Understand tangle classification and learn how to select patterns with confidence for your Zentangle® art

One of the things I love the most about the Zentangle® method is that it removes the need to think too hard while creating, leaving only "Zen Flow bliss". And yet, picking tangles is one of the most daunting tasks of the method. 

There are almost as many right ways to choose tangles as there are tangles! In this ebook, I cover 4 of my FAVORITE tactics with detailed step by step explanations and exercises. 

This ebook helps you to overcome this challenge by answering questions such as "Which tangle do I choose first" or "How many tangles should I select". 

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Answers to the questions you've probably asked yourself more than once:

  • Why is it that some artists can pick great tangle combinations every time?

  • Why do I always end up selecting the same patterns?

  • How many tangles should I select?

  • Which tangle do I select first?

  • I chose the first tangle. How do I pick tangles that will match well with it?

And so much more!

In depth, detailed tactics for you to pick tangles with confidence!



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Explore your own preferences so you can get into Zen Flow easily every time!

When you are done completing the 12 exercises in this ebook, you'll have a SOLID GRASP of tangle Zentomoloy, and a much better understanding of why and how some tangles work for YOU. 

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The address of the Facebook study group is located on the last pages of the ebook.

There are 12 Exercises, and you can complete as many as you like, at any speed you like. Ideally you'll complete them in black and white so that you can really get a good sense of how effective the exercises are for you. 

Get feedback, help and "Caring Critique" while we work on the 12 Exercises contained in the book. 

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List of Patterns in the book

To view the patterns shown in this book sorted by ICSO with links to their Step-outs, visit this page:

Tangle Organizing Supplies

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