Choosing Tangles - Starting a new monthly challenge in May 2017

Now that our fantastic Distressed in April challenge is over, time to start a new challenge in May. A smashing 100-plus people voted to do another monthly challenge, this time based on my brand new ebook Choosing Tangle Patterns. 


The monthly challenge will follow more or less the same format as the Distressed challenge, where participants will follow the exercises on this brand new ebook -- requires a purchase -- during the entire month. 

With the feedback provided by the last challenge, I changed the format so that the new ebook has information in self-contained blocks, with plenty of exercises. It is ready for purchase NOW, so check out this page to find out how to get it: 

Dedicated Facebook Group: Choosing Tangles

You can post the results of your exercises anywhere you like with the hashtags below. HOWEVER, during the month of May 2017 only, you can participate in a dedicated Facebook Group exclusively for participants.

The address of the Facebook study group is located on the last pages of the ebook.

There are 12 Exercises, and you can complete as many as you like, at any speed you like. Ideally you'll complete them in black and white so that you can really get a good sense of how effective the exercises are for you. 


You can post these hashtags ANYWHERE on the web, even your own site. This helps participants to find each other. 

I'm so looking forward to this month, it will be so much fun!



Need a little help?

If you would like to participate in the monthly challenge but find yourself in a bit of a $ bind, check out this program. 



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