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If you are still a bit unsure about shading your doodles, Zentangle® or ZIA (Zentangle Inspired Art) then this ebook was made for you.

“I’m afraid of trying shading... I don’t know where to start, or if I’m going to do it right. I might ruin my drawing.”

Sounds familiar?

Shading Fearlessly PDF Ebook

If you are just starting to shade Zentangle® and are looking for more specific guidelines on how to create really 3D looking tangles, this is the ebook you need. This book gives you solidly proven tactics and incredibly valuable tips that will help you to start shading your drawings with confidence and tranquility.

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Keep in mind that I did NOT have the intention of teaching you EVERY shading technique or technical term in existence (and there are many out there). I will only show you a few shading tactics using pencil over paper, using techniques which I am familiar with and had great success.


41 Pages full of information on how to start understanding shading:

  • Step 1: Choose your materials

  • Step 2: Practice shading in layers

  • Step 3: Create your drawing

  • Step 4: Understand light and shading

  • Step 5: Visualize the picture in 3D

  • Step 6: Use shading tactics on larger areas

  • Step 7: Shade the smaller details

  • Step 8: Understand Highlights

  • Templates for you

Level: Beginner

Shading Fearlessly PDF Ebook by Eni Oken | enioken.com

This is what some people said about this ebook:

You did a great job with ebook of 3D tangle Fearless Shading (I downloaded it yesterday) great job I already like it so much.. And easy to read and understand this...AWESOME job!

I love this ebook! It has just what i need! I'm a Self teacher of art and ur books are nothing less than fabulous! Thank u for sharing ur skills!

I just purchased your 3D Tangle Shading Fearlessly e-book & I'm alrready amazed at what I am learning! This will be a wonderful tool for us tanglers. Thank you for creating this valuable resource!

I've got Eni's Shading Fearlessly and it is amazing. I find it extraordinary that there are instructors who can entice creativity out of anybody. Get the book.

Shading Fearlessly changed the way I look at shading forever. The information is easy to follow and makes a huge impact on even the simplest drawings. Thanks so much for writing these books! Posted by Tamara Penton Warren

Hi, just want to say how wonderful I think your book is. It has totally changed my idea on shading. I am attempting things I never thought I would try. Explained simply and very effectively. Can't praise it enough. A very grateful customer. Kath F. -Via email

With the help of Eni's wonderful ebook Shading Fearlessly I am learning to shade, not quite sure it's fearlessly yet! But it's fun. That book was somewhat of an "oh, NOW I get it!" moment for me, wish I had more time to put it into practice. Thanks Eni!

"Eni, you're an awesome teacher....working at honing my shading skills c/o your tutorials:)...thank you:)! xx S.D. via Facebook"

"I just finished Shading Fearlessly. Thanks Eni for such a great guide."

"Thank you! I love your book! I went right to work on my shading and wow!"



"Eni's books make it so clear. I began with Shading Fearlessly and stuck with B&W. I'm still not ready to move to color, other than gems, I have so much to learn."


"I love this book! I am still learning to shade but I am using this book daily & it is a huge help. I also bought the books on color shading, zen gems & using gray markers & in my opinion, you can't go wrong with any of Eni's books. I have them all printed out & in a big 3 ring binder that I can take with me when I travel for work. Thanks Eni for being willing to share ideas & methods with people who like me, are just beginning"

Check out also tons of comments on my Facebook page about this ebook -- it is the primer on learning how to shade Zentangle®, ZIA and doodles!

Now you can also get it in print!

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