Metaphor: Rollerblading

My favorite sport activity right now is dancing, which I practice three times a week. Until beginning of July, dancing made me feel fit and strong, however, thanks to numerous summer activities, I’ve slacked off a bit during the last month and a half.I also roller blade about once a week. I noticed that my blading skills suffered considerably during the last month and I can only attribute it to lowering of muscle tone and overall physical fitness.
While I was blading today at the beach, I was thinking and wondering: even though I had not changed my blading schedule at all, it suffered due to my lack of physical fitness. Overall fitness had not only improved my muscle tone, but also my coordination and balance when applied to a completely different physical activity.
The old adage: “Use it or loose it” can be applied well here, but I lost more than just what I was using. So maybe the contrary is also true: the more physically fit I feel, the better I will be able to handle other seemingly unrelated physical activities.
This is all very obvious, but the parallel I established today was: can I apply this to other areas of my life? If I practice some sort of mental exercise such as a memory game, will that improve more than just my memory, will it make my mind sharper in other areas as well? If I practice some form of spiritual ritual, will that improve other unrelated areas such as human relations?
And on the same token, if I don’t practice any form of spiritual or reconnecting ritual, will that ALSO make me loose MUCH more than what I’m not using?