Individual Mentoring FAQ

I recently reinstated the Individual Mentoring program for Jewelry Makers. This online class was introduced in August 2003, but was not active during most of 2006 for personal reasons. Now it's back! During 4 months, we work together in whatever area of jewelry making the student wishes to address.

I received the following set of questions from Sandra, asking for more information on the how this class works:

1) Can you tell me more about what I should expect from this program?
Answer: The individual studies are tailored for each person, according to their preferences. When we start the mentoring, your first assignment will be to select 2 to 10 of my tutorials you wish to work on, and I'll organize them in logical order, and add other assignments which will allow you to prepare to complete those tutorials. These assignments could be as simple as doing research on the web, or hands-on practical projects for you to complete. You may need to repeat a practical assignment a couple of times until you can work on a new one (practice makes perfect).
We also establish at the very beginning your goal for our time together. Some people want to know more about business, others want to explore personal style in design and others just want to work on their technique.

2) How many emails do you typical trade with your students per week?
Answer: It largely depends on you. I have one student right now who sends me 3 or 4 emails per day because she quickly finishes her assignments and has lots of questions, while I have another who send me one email per week at the most. Most students send me 3 to 5 emails per week, because they need time to finish their assignments before they are allowed to start a new one. Normally I answer emails once or twice a day, once in the morning and once at night and I take a break on the weekends. The only exception is if I'm out of town -- then we can have several hours of work planned for you until I come back.

3) How many projects do students typically complete in the four months?
Answer: Again, it depends on your own speed and your own personal goals. Some students have finished dozens of projects by the end of 4 months, some finished 10 at the most. Some students work on more difficult tasks, such as developing style, in which case the goal is not really to complete several projects, but yet to produce ONE good and very unique piece at the end of a certain period of time. Also, the assignments will sometimes involve exercises such as drawing, if you are so inclined, or researching material on the web, or even practicing how to do related tasks such as oxidizing pieces or learning how to photograph properly -- in which case you are not producing pieces, but yet working on supporting activities.

4) Roughly how many hours per week your students spend working?
Answer: I would say that it averages about 10 hours, but once more, I follow your lead. I highly RECOMMEND that you allow time to work on the projects on a continuous flow -- continuity and practice are the only way to guarantee your success. You should allow at least 1 hour per day, at the very least. Recommended is two or three hours per day, in an ideal situation.

If you have any other questions to add to this FAQ, then contact Eni!
To sign up for the Mentoring class, click here:
Individual Mentoring for Jewelry makers.

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