Happy Mothers Campaign

I’ve been exchanging emails with an old friend from Brazil. This is part of what we wrote today:
Val: “I think that after we have our own kids, we have the obligation of being happy, any way we can! A happy mother can only raise a happy person, well rounded, well loved… That is what the world needs, don’t you think? Happy Mothers! I’ve always felt that way towards my daughter, it was more important for me than house chores, I always felt like I had to be happy, just because she exists!”

Me: “I totally agree… A happy mother can only raise happy children. I also think it’s important for a mother to have her own life, her work and to love whatever activities she has – it can only set a good example. I think your solution for world crisis is the *best proposal* I have heard in a long time… Happy mothers… Shall we start a campaign?”

And so we decided to launch a world wide campaign with the following slogan:

“HAPPY MOTHERS create a better world for our children”.

All we need are some bumper stickers and buttons -- oh, and let's not forget, a little help from the good men who can make all those mothers happier! :-)