Tangling away our distress in April

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If you are a member of my Shading Zentangle® Facebook group, we are going to try something different this month. 

Let's tangle away our distress in April!!! Since is the month of taxes, how about we give the entire month of April a "distressed tile" theme? I've had quite a bit of interest in this intermediate/advanced coloring topic. I am working on the ebook on how to tangle over distressed tiles. You might already have already downloaded my free ebook on how to prepare the distress tiles for tangling. 

Keep in mind that while the first ebook for preparing the tiles is currently free, the second and more complete "Tangling over distressed tiles" ebook requires a purchase (see below). You don't need to purchase this book to participate at the group!

Tangling over Distress tiles ebook

This ebook covers the entire technique on how to TANGLE OVER DISTRESSED TILES, including a 9 step method using a mix of distress inks, waterproof and water-soluble pens. 

Learn how to create exquisite distressed Zentangle® tiles • enioken.com

This ebook will be released a little differently than I do normally, in STAGES. To get the ebook you must purchase it here:

USD $12.00

If you are in the UK or EU, then purchase it here: https://www.gumroad.com/enioken

April 3, 2017: The first part of the ebook is here! It contains an overview of the entire 9-step technique, list of supplies and materials, and two more fun ways to create distressed tiles. 

April 6, 2017: New pages! Pages 19 through 24, including how to select distressed tiles and how to string. Please use the original email link to download the updated ebook again.

Since Etsy does not allow me to update files, the ebook will only be available there when it is complete.

You will receive the FIRST part of the ebook to download. As new material becomes available, I will UPDATE the ebook which you then can download through the same link you received.

Want to join the fun? Join my Shading Zentangle® Facebook group here. Make sure you have Zentangle pictures on your Facebook wall so I can see that you understand the method. 

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