Tangle-a-day Calendar 2020 Guest Artist

I can finally disclose a super exciting project: I am guest featured artist in Carole Ohl's 2020 Tangle-a-Day Calendar! I'm so excited about this, will be fun to work on this project next year.

If you are not familiar with these Calendars, they are 8x5” books with spaces for each day of the year, so that you can practice a tangle a day. Each year, a different guest artist is selected to add inspirational pictures to the calendar book, and what an honor when I was selected by Carole as 2020's featured artist.

The Tangle-a-Day Calendar is printed and distributed by Braughler Books, run by the excellent and super friendly David Braughler, who made the process of selecting and contributing as easy as possible. What a pleasure to work with this company. Overall, I scanned and sent out approximately 60 pictures of my existing work and they selected their favorites to be part of the Calendar.

The Tangle-a-Day Calendar is already available for pre-order — both retail and wholesale — at these locations: