Square Medallion over purple

I cannot get enough of these Square Medallions. Sure, they take a century and a half to make, but they are SOOO relaxing, and I really needed that this week, have been feeling under the weather. 

I feel these drawings have such incredible power of relaxation, I can now see why people are so obsessed with mandalas -- even though this one is not circular, I feel the same power of the symmetrical drawing. North, south, east and west, it feels more like a very solid compass.

Here is the work in progress and the final piece:

And here it is again, a little larger: 

This week I also worked on a few samplers, here is my fragment sampler, I just LOVE creating these. All the fragments were extracted or adapted from known tangles.

These Square Medallions requires a LOT of patience, but the results were pretty neat and so incredibly relaxing. I got so many requests for a lesson that I bumped it up and a lesson is available at the Shop:


If you would like to get more inspiration on these square mandalas, visit my pinterest board: