Reminder Day


Today is one of the days I call "Reminder Day". It's one of those days after a stressful week which I thought couldn't get worse and suddenly it did. One of those days where the bed is the only place to be where I don't hurt that much. A day when I'm reminded how good it is to have Zentangle® in my life, and how wonderful and caring the people around me are. It's a reminder, it's good to be alive and cancer free. Failing websites and crummy internet become less important on a day like today. 



This tile seems incredibly beautiful to me today. I was drawing sideways laying down, didn't have my magnifier, and I didn't have my beloved copics. So I tried with what was available on the night stand, two gray tombow markers and an idle pencil. Lucky me, I had a blank tile and inking pen nearby as well. The tombows don't blend as nicely as the copics, but it seems to fit well the picture. 

It looks like some kind of fantasy landscape. I imagine myself walking around there, completely pain free, exploring the scenery, jumping the hoops of Zander, leaning to rest against Ruutz or playing hopscotch on Cayke. 

Tangles used: Zander, Cayke, Crescent Moon, Scena, Shattuck and Ruutz. 

Copyright 2016 Eni Oken

Eni Oken