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I'm fascinated by organic borders, the kind that looks like it's so randomly chaotic. But are they really? I set out to discover if there was a way to create a “procedure” which would allow me to create random-looking organic borders, but at the same time, not drive me crazy trying to figure out what to do next. This lesson is the result of those findings.

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I came up with a little process that allows me to create organic-looking borders using my favorite tangles, and it works every time, no matter how many (or how few) tangles I used. It's just a matter of choosing well and understanding the structure behind it.

In the lesson, I started by explaining the logic behind creating these organic borders, and we'll create three cards together, starting from simple to super complex. Although I created cards to showcase tangles, you could also use this to embellish sentiment or affirmation cards, your journals or any other type of stationery.

Learn to draw intricate, complex organic borders

• Understand the logic behind apparent randomness

Just like in nature, organic borders look complicated, but they are not. There is a logic and structure behind the construction of apparent chaos.

• Draw borders for cards, affirmations and more

Transform a simple card into a masterpiece by adding an organic border. You can use these beautifully intricate borders to embellish tangle cards, affirmations, friendship cards, Zentangle cartouches, Zentangle Dingbatz and so much more!

• Learn the basic components of organic borders

You'll be surprised at how easy these borders are to draw, once you understand their underlying structure. In this lesson, you'll use tangles that you love and know well to create super complex borders!

• Embellish a Zentangle spinner

I'll even show you how to create an alternative version of the Zentangle spinner: instead of using tangles, you can add tangle enhancers, and add organic borders to create a masterpiece. This is, of course, a super optional project, you do not need this to complete and understand the logic behind organic borders.

• And so many tips and tricks!

Every lesson is packed with tips that can help you with ALL of your projects and make you a better artist.

As an optional project, I used organic borders to decorate a Zentangle spinner — an idea I had a little while ago to use the gorgeous printed Spinner from (you can find the printed template for purchase here). Instead of adding tangles, I added organic borders and names of tangle enhancers. But more about that will come on another post, and having the Zentangle template is completely optional and not required to complete the lesson.

Over an hour-long intermediate video!!!!

This is one of my longest videos to date, I simply got carried away creating these beautiful borders. The method is elegantly simple, but requires some experience with drawing tangles, rounding, line-weight and more, so it is classified as “Intermediate” level.


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