NEW EBOOK: Glow on the Dark!

It's HERE! Also called the "missing link" of shading Zentangle, the ebook that is going to make you happy to shade over black tiles again!

58 pages, with super detailed steps on how to shade over black tiles using my exclusive "Glow on the Dark" technique. You will simply love this!

Eni.....for the past hour, I've been studying your book and practicing and I just LOVE this technique!!! I've been doing Zentangle for several years, but I always felt that the black tiles got the least amount of attention and I wasn't quite sure how to give 'em some love. You've done it!

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If you are an EU resident, get the ebook here

Not only you will learn how to shade in black and white, but also for advanced tanglers, you can create shimmery metallic effects:

The ebook also includes 4 detailed Case studies: