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Divi is a tangle deconstructed by Ragged Ray (find the step-out here). In this lesson, learn how to take Divi so much further than the original tangle!

Learn how to add enhancers to create beautiful organic ribbons

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Enhancers to create organic, dense tangles

In this lesson, learn how to take Divi one step further and add several ENHANCERS to produce a beautifully intricate mass of tangles. You'll learn how to add hatching, line-weight, shading, Echo Lines and so much more. All these details can be applied not only to Divi, but to other Ribbon tangles as well.

Learn how to enhance a ribbon tangle with hatching and shading

Learn how to use an “S-composition” string

In this lesson you will learn:

  • How to draw a 3-dimensional tangleation of Divi

  • How to add several enhancers to create an organic, intricate dense mass of patterns

  • How to use an S-composition — one of my favorites!

  • How to shade and use hatching

  • How to play with Diva Dance and Wigwag tangles to complement your drawings

  • How to create an interesting background to support your composition

  • And so many tips and tricks!

If you love the relaxing flow of Echo Lines, you will LOVE this project even more!

Enrich your tangles with hatching and other tangle enhancers


Start from a single braid and form a mass of beautiful, dense tangles


Tricks to create amazingly impressive pictures

Detailed shading and hatching guidelines!

Create impressive and organic looking tangles


Visit the Gallery to see more pictures!


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