Art and Tangle tile

I'm running our first Art and Tangle game challenge. This challenge calls for using three Art Enhanceres: Morphing, Fancy 3D Auras and Treasure frames. 

Line Art:

After shading:

I'm always surprised at how these tiles turn out, thanks to the strange shapes of the underlying string. I used a very subtle morphing from Flukes to Footlight on the inside of the larger fancy frame. 

I was a little "limited" in my available pens and pencils, since my favorites are already all packed for Tangle U in Portland this coming week. Oh well, I just had to make due with the 259 other pens and pencils that I had lying around! 

And here is a closeup:

Morphs are the topic of my two newest lessons -- Part 1 is covers morphing organic fillers and grids, while Part 2 explores morphing tangles of different types. 

Tangle Morphing Part 2 Video Lesson

Learn a fascinating technique on how to slowly and gradually transform one tangle another. Part 2 covers vine, weed, ribbon and blossom tangles. An advanced 50-minute lesson.