Opus Challenge

Shading 3DTangle with Eni Oken • enioken.comOpus is a super swirly and pretty tangle pattern developed by Maria Thomas of Zentangle, Inc. When I first encountered the tangle I thought it was very versatile, however, it was a little flat and lacked a bit of 3D aspect. [clear]

I worked a bit to develop a variation that would be more "3D shading friendly", using some echo-lines:

Shading 3DTangle with Eni Oken • enioken.com


This is the lineart for the tile:


Here is the final tile, it measures 5x5 inches:

Shading 3DTangle with Eni Oken • enioken.com


This time I was super good and remembered to take pictures while shading. I decided to create a little gift for the lovely people who continue to support my work:

Shading 3DTangle with Eni Oken • enioken.comBonus Gift! 3DTangle Shading Opus A Shading Progression Study

If you have purchased my latest ebook 3DTangle Shading Book #2, then you'll automatically receive this bonus, just a little thank you for your order and support. This is valid only through the mid October when I'll switch around gears, so learn how you can get this bonus.

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Shading 3DTangle with Eni Oken • enioken.com

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