YOJ 2007 Week 33 Turquoise Netted Pendant

Ahhhh, I was so happy that I had managed to catch with the YOJ, now I'm back to being late again. Oh well, you know what they say... better late...
This one is another netted bezel pendant, made around this fabulously clear irregular turquoise cabochon which I recently picked up from one of my favorite local suppliers, Sunlightgems. I'm getting ready to receive an enormous batch of tumbled stones from my dad's tumbler... can't wait. I'll be netting away! For more pictures of this pendant AND the tutorial, click here: Net Bezel Pendant Tutorial.

This tutorial is good as is, AND will also be the FIRST part of a DOUBLE lesson. The SECOND part will show how to add ornamental elements around the pendant, like the Aqua Nugget Pendant and the Abalone pendant. It was just too much, too large, to add everything in one single tutorial. The download of this one alone is a hefty 1.79mb, about 40 seconds in a fast connection.

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