Wire Flush Cutter

I got the following question via email:
"What is the best wire cutter you recommend? I'm willing to spend a bit more, but I want a really good pair of cutters. "

I recommend buying FLUSH cutters, which has one side flat. That way, when you cut the wire against the flat side, you don't get little burrs which can snag on clothing and scratch the skin. I've owned quite a few cutters, but just last year I got an indication from one of the newsgroups on a pair of cutters which I absolutely love: the Tronex 5223 (I just like saying the name out loud, it sounds like some sci-fi gadget, LOL!).
Now, I'm always saying that it's not the tool that makes the artist, so I'm not one for spending a ton of money on tools, especially when you are starting out. However... this baby was worth the pretty price I paid (almost $50!!!). I've had this cutter for exactly a year and a half, and I just can't say enough good things about it.
The official name is:
Tronex Model 5223 Taper Relief Cutter Razor Flush Cutting Edges (this link will take you to Amazon.com).

There are other cutters Tronex sells, but the reasons I liked this particular model are the following: the tapered tip allows to get into difficult corners easier than the oval tip; the relief makes this tip shallower than the regular tip; the razor flush is really the sharpest one of all (compared to the flush or semi-flush). The handles are 3 1/2 long, which are good for my small hands.

There is another model, the 7223 and the only difference is that the handles are an inch longer. The tip is exactly the same:
Tronex Model 7223 Taper Relief Cutter Ergonomic Handles with Razor Flush Cutting Edges

To see other Tronex cutters, here is an Amazon.com search: Tronex Cutters. I searched other places online, but they are all pretty much the same price.
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