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I'm Eni Oken, artist and author of hundreds of articles, tutorials and books in print and online. For over 30 years I've explored art, color theory, fantasy and ornamental design.

Certified Zentangle® Teacher

Certified Zentangle® Teacher

Lapis Lazuli necklace

This is a necklace worked with lapis lazuli and silver. This is the second time I make this same kind of pendant, and it's mix of various different techniques:

1) The bail is made woven in Ladder weave;
2) The flower is attached using Charms and Extensions;
3) The frame is worked with a Coiled Bezel Frame.


The final touch is to add a series of beads stitched to the edge of the pendant, and a necklace strung with lapis lazuli, iolite and silver beads.



Anna's Necklace: Lapis lazuli, iolite and silver

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