Amazonite "Y" necklace

I've had a lot of commissions lately, (thank goodness!). One interesting thing I noticed, though, people are asking for SETS, as opposed to just a single piece. Here is a set of necklace and bracelet I just finished, with Amazonite and Turquoise:



Amazonite and Turquoise "Y" Necklace

This necklace goes with the following bangle:


To make the necklace, I used the Coiled Bangle instructions with a V shaped core as shown in below in the diagram, coiling independently each side. The heart bead in the middle is a ONE-TO-THREE piece, that is, a single hole at the bottom and three holes at the top. These pieces are normally used at the ends of multistrand necklaces or bracelets.

The pear shaped drop was made using a slightly modified Capped Bead weave.



2006, ArchiveEni Oken