My son was 11 in 2012, facing the scariest prospect of his life, a mother battling deadly metastatic cancer. I could not work, was constantly in a daze due to medication, in and out of surgeries. The only thing I could remotely do from bed was to draw. To make things lighter, I created this series into a blog to amuse our family. The site no longer exists, but here is the archive so we can remember. 

This collection first started before 2000, when I was developing a workshop on how to create fantasy design for games. The concept was that if you can keep certain characteristics of the design intact, you can always identify the purpose of the object, even when it's absurd as a toilet. 

FantasyThrones drawing series

Throne Awareness (TA)

Do you possess TA (Throne Awareness)? Are you the kind of person who such an incredible affinity with your toilet that you can only go number 2 comfortably in your own surroundings?

The toilet is one of the most personal and necessary pieces of "furniture" a person can have, and yet, the great majority of households adds little or no adornment to it. Let's change that! Make your toilet your own!