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Designs materialize before my eyes

Bower Bird posted @

This tutorial has to be one of the most inspiring ways for beginners or advanced designers to come up with unlimited fantastic jewelry designs!

All of the Think and Design Jewelry Series tutorial techniques are easy to apply... it's perfect for those who love to doodle. Working through the tutorial step by step, ... the designs seemed to materialize before my eyes. 

I have found that these tutorials have enabled me to create 'fresh new' designs and avoid always being in the mindset of tweeking my previous designs to create 'something else'. 

Eni has a very easy teaching technique, she keeps the designer engaged through good use of short steps/sections, case studies, well thought out logical lesson progression, interesting layout and a bit of fun banter to boot. 

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Thinking Allignment

StregaJewellry via

This is a great lesson! Taking this tutorial realigned my thinking and was the reason I decided to purchase a premium membership so I could take the rest of the Think & Design lessons.

First I was introduced to radial design principals which was incredibly enlightening. Then, step by step, I was taken on a journey that encouraged me to use the skills I already had to create a design of my own. Each of us has a different skill set. My first love is metal clay then wire work. The steps to creating were a logical progression through simple drawing to incorporating the skills I already had. I would encourage everyone who wants to design outside the box to take this series. Your creative juices will be stimulated and you will be a much more creative jewelry maker by using these simple techniques.

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A great foundation

Sharon Hazen Hall, Jewelry Designer

I began my association with this series quite a while back. My favorite part is the "journaling" It will be the foundation of my design process. I will continue to take advantage of Eni's expertise as my jewelry projects move ahead. Do I recommend this? Absolutely!

The importance of design tutorials

I just downloaded the :Think Design Jewelry Lesson 01 The Flower and now I see what the importance is of these Design tutorials.  By learning how to observe natures design and then implementing ones own original design changes you develop original designs that are not copies of someone else's work.  Very nice! Thanks, Carolyn M. via email


Nicole Hanna, Jewelry artist

The Think & Design (& Draw) series is a great intermediary between creating from sources (tutorials) and creating from the imagination, applicable (not only) to any jewelry medium, but to artistic endeavors as a whole. The first twelve lessons are a complete series in and of themselves, and are a great addition to any educational portfolio. Each lesson is professional, "pinned" notes and tips appropriately decorating pages, and the general layout is impressive and easy to follow, while still allowing for new informative "gems" to be discovered on subsequent reads. 

As an advanced wire artist, this series was delightfully inspirational, with a focus on the "roots" of design work, which are sometimes ignored. This has ignited within me a desire to work. You won't be disappointed.

I have been looking for this

Shirley A. via email, from Vancouver Island

I just wanted to tell you how excited I was to see your Think and Design series of lessons!!  I've just downloaded the first one.....these really are what I have been looking for that is offered NOWHERE!   I used to be such an imaginative person..but something just stalled out on me.  I took up silversmithing as a hobbyof years ago, and although I have a studio full of stuff a lot of students would die for, I sometimes seem to just be totally blank when it comes to coming up with ideas for making something original and then 'making it work'.  I live on an island in Canada where there just aren't lessons etc and so I mostly learn techniques off the internet.  You are absolutely right in that its easy to find technique tutorials, or tutorials to make an item someone ELSE has come up with, but I really want to find my own voice, my own style.   I'm hoping this will help not only in coming up with my own ideas, but learning how to make them work in actual jewelry construction.... Thanks so much for offering the lessons, I'm really looking forward to them!!

Priceless Information

marphilhearts @

I got this material as a part of my [JL] premium membership, but this information has such merit that it is impossible to put a price on it. Eni Oken goes into such great detail about how to come up with your own designs and elements... The technique at jump starting the creative process is laid out step by step...

The images are awesome. So much detail has been put into the pictures and drawings to really lead you through this process. I can't stress how much this lesson and the lessons to come will help a designer to improve....

I would recommend this tutorial to anyone.  I wish I had found this sooner. Thank you, Eni!

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A mini-workshop!

koreakiwi posted @

I think anyone who is interested in design and challenging themselves will appreciate and benefit from this well-written and enjoyable tutorial. It's a mini-workshop! 

It's really got me thinking about people I already know and what I could design for them! It also gives me the confidence to think that personal jewelry design could really be fun and rewarding.

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Exactly the next step that I needed

rtsy posted @

This is exactly the next step that I need. I have reached the point where I can look at a lot of things and figure out technically how to create it, but I always wonder how did the artist come up with that design idea. 

This could not have come at a better time, I'm so excited. Eni, thank you so much!

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WOW! Super Helpful


These are superb. They are written well and as the name indicates they make you think. So happy I found them!

Learning so much!

Marci @

I have worked through all the lessons thus far and have learned an incredible amount of information. Each lesson builds on the previous ones, and you can really see it coming together as we go forward.

Eni has an easy to read teaching style. Her lessons and pictures are very clear and helpful. I love that we can take her drawings and come up with our own ways of putting them together.

I am always anticipating the next in the Think & Design Jewelry series, and I can't wait to see what Eni teaches next!
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#13 Think & Design: The Curve

Denise Williams, Jewellery Artworks

Working my way through Lesson 13 ‘The Curve’ I realised that this tutorial was one of the easiest ways to create beautiful jewellery designs that were flowing, flattering and sumptuously stylish.The lessons are very interactive and several design methods are used throughout the series which reinforces skills previously learned. I would recommend this and all of the Think & Design tutorials to anyone who wants to create their own signature style of jewellery. If you want to create jewellery with smooth flowing lines, elegance and flair, 'The Curve' is an essential for your repertoire of design skills.

Lesson 1 The Flower

Alisa G. via email

I enjoyed "the flower" very much. I haven't had a chance to make anything yet. But your series is exactly what I'm looking for and could never find-a way to learn how to come up with my own designs, I'm very excited. Thank you very much!


Barbara L., via Facebook

Just wanted to tell you that your lessons had quite an effect on sales!! One person asked about buying the flower lesson piece. The earrings that I did for the last lesson did sell, as did a necklace I did using the design methods used in our lessons. I'm thrilled with the effect that our workshop has on my own work. Thank you SO MUCH for all you do for us...


Carol Wilson, Je t'adorn

This series is possibly the best set of tutorials ever. I've been to art school and find the Think & Design series provides a lot more hands-on design training than I received there. I'm confident that by the time I get through the whole series I'll have the equivalent of a college degree in design and be a much better artist. The added bonus is the weekly challenges, which are free and complement the series perfectly. I agree with marphilhearts that I would not only recommend it to anyone, but I, too, wish I had found it sooner.

Think & Design Jewelry Series

Denise Williams, Jewellery Artworks

The Think & Design Jewelry series is a structured jewellery design course, set in a fun format, using methods such as linear structure, style transfer and modular design. By drawing or doodling through the easy to follow lessons the student is encouraged to develop their own personal signature style by using inspirational sources then adapting those drawings to actual jewellery designs. For the past 13 months I have been creating my own drawings and making jewellery that has the style that I believe is truly me. It has been one of the most interesting, insightful and rewarding experiences to be able to produce jewellery from such a personal level. If you are an aspiring jewellery artist give Think & Design Jewelry a go, it's fun, it's inspiring, it's totally addictive!

Written just for me

Christine posted @

...This series is exactly what I need. To get the most from the lesson, you need to get out pencil,no eraser paper and start drawing... The writing is very concise and non-threatening. As you continue with your drawings, you see them becoming more complex. Ones head begins to spin with ideas...

Thank you Eni for writing this series (just for me :)) and getting the creative juices flowing. I look excitedly forward to the next installment in the series. Read the full review here...

Moving the student forward

cleew09 posted @

I have a year of art school over 30 years ago, but I was having trouble getting that creativity going again. This tutorial has a wonderful way of walking the student through the sequential steps, building toward igniting that creative spark...but condensed. There is nothing wasted, every single word moves the student forward. Read the full review here...

This series…

gaylebird posted @

...This series is AMAZING.

You receive so much

Bandtrart posted @

Let me start off by saying this- if you haven't signed up for a premium account you need to! The monthly fee is so nominal and you receive so much.

...every page here gives me another idea or refines an existing one. I can not say enough about how incredible the Think & Design series and Eni's Journal tutorials are. Thanks so much! Read the full review here...

Literally bouncing up and down…

BornAgainTexan posted @

Oh wow! I am literally bouncing up and down about this new series of yours! How fantastic! Now I don't have to spend tons of money on jewelry making magazines only to find out they don't have what I want to begin with...

I have my sketch book ready, my garden is ready and if I can quit bouncing I just may be able to draw something, lo! Thank you so very much for this great idea of yours!

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Think and Design has me thinking and designing

dreamingmomma @

This is my first of the Think and Design tutorials. I really enjoyed doing these exercises. The steps are clearly defined and have purpose. Previous lessons are mentioned (and are available), but I was able to complete these exercises even without the prior tutorials... 

This is a drawing exercise and I found it to be enlightening. By following each step, I was able to come up with jewelry ideas and conceptions. Designing jewelry starts with ideas and conceptions. I look forward to the next in this series. 

Read the full review here...

The Book, on the edge of Creation

Crystaline @

[About Lesson 12: The Book] A poignant and emotional well written and executed tutorial that will certainly change the way you think. Little more than a beginner in jewellery making myself, I thought all beginners should have this available to read, strongly reiterating what Eni suggested and that is to read all "Think and Design" Tutorials. It includes a wealth of material. The question and answer sheets make you think clearly about who and what you design. Your motivation and reasons is a very powerful section. The whole of the book changed designing dramatically for me, I believe it will for others too. Eni Oken's" Book" are certainly a work of art love and pain. Thank you Eni for teaching us how to turn our drawing ( in my case on scraps of paper and life) into designs.


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