Why do you need to draw to stimulate creativity?

If you read any of the lessons of the Think and Design Jewelry series,  you know by now how much I insist that you sketch and actually complete the exercises. There is a certain intuitive process that happens when you draw and sketch which cannot happen if you simply read the lessons. You see, when you READ, you are using the LEFT SIDE of your brain, which is the logical side. When you DRAW, you are using the RIGHT SIDE of your brain, which is typically in charge of expression and creativity.

When you use both sides (by first READING, then SKETCHING), you are forming a powerful connection between both sides of the brain, and stimulating those creative cells in conscious ways that are incredibly productive.

So you see, if you only read the lessons, you are actually not learning anything at all in terms of creativity -- or perhaps only using 30% of the full potential of these Lessons!

Get sketching!