Quandu Tangle

Here is a new tangle pattern for you: Quandu. It's a mix of Ruutz and Hollibaugh, and creates the loveliest interlaced ribbons. 

Here is my latest tile, created with tangles Quandu, Reticulated (around the edge of Quandu), Brrrst and Zinger. 

Learn how to shade Zentangle • enioken.com

Here is the line art for the tile: 

Learn how to shade Zentangle • enioken.com

And here is the step-out for you to enjoy! Notice how it looks like a sort of cross between Ruutz and Hollibaugh. The keep the ribbons thin and under control, add a top and bottom "C" shape. 

Why did I name it Quandu? My tangle recipe box had nothing under the letter "Q", so I gave it the name.  Make no mistake, it is a HIGH focus tangle, requires some patience. Keep the ribbons thin towards the center to produce nice negative spaces in the center. 

Here is another picture of the tile:

Learn how to shade Zentangle • enioken.com

Have fun with this pattern!

Copyright 2016 Eni Oken