Magic Pills

This sculpture is a tribute to homeopathic medicine, which my family and I have adopted for the last 28 years (Brazil's culture accepts homeopathic medicine better than some other western countries.) The piece is owned by Joanne May, my current homeopath. The center piece is a tiny homeopathic glass bottle, filled with beads. "Magic Pills" Polymer clay, gold leaf and other mixed media (glass bottle, beads, glass, crystals, rhinestones and pearls) over painted wooden surface, 6.5x8.5" (outer frame), 3.25x4.25" (sculpture).

This is part of a series of mini sculptures, or "3D paintings", created in polymer clay with mixed media. The clay is molded with the beads and glass and then baked. After curing, the sculpture is painted with acrylics and gold leaf and finally attached to the painted wooden surface.

© Copyright 2003 Eni Oken