Hot Flashes

I bet you didn't know this, unless you've gone through it: one of the many issues women treating for cancer deal with is the possibility of premature menopause. This is caused by a number of factors (type of cancer, age, aggressive chemotherapy, genetic disposition, surgery, etc). So on top of having to deal with grueling treatment against cancer, some women face hot flashes, mood swings, emotional turmoil, night sweats, insomnia, all side effects she wouldn't have to deal with for another 10 or 20 years.

Women can have 10 to 20 hot flashes per day, alternated by extreme bouts of cold and shivering. It's as if her inner thermostat were broken or faulty. Did you know that hot flashes can be triggered by upset THOUGHTS (even if you maintain a controlled demeanor)?

Yep -- the poker face doesn't trick your body!