Golden sisters

I've said it before, a good support system (loved ones, family and friends) is 50% of the cure for any illness, not only cancer. I'm very happy and proud to have the "golden sisters" as part of my circle of dear, close friends -- I love you both so much! They took care of me almost as if I were a child. Thank you again and again and again for being there for me always.

When a friend has cancer or other serious illness, we all get worried and want to help. Many people feel helpless and unsure of how to help a friend in need, to a point where they become completely frozen or disappear from the person's life. Here is an article I want to share with you, about how to support a friend who has cancer. Essentially, it offers ideas of what to say (and also what NOT to say); things you can do and how to pay proper attention.

When it comes to actions, try to focus on practical actions which can make the life of your friend easier, such as running errands for them, cleaning their house, sorting their mail, doing groceries, or driving them to doctor's appointment. If you can find a specific task that you can do, it's better to offer directly, instead of generalizations such as "call me if you need".

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