Footlites Monotangle

Footlites (deconstructed by Carole Ohl) is the focus tangle of Tasmin Rootman's Monotangle Adventures Facebook group this week. I just love that tangle and thought I'd give it a try. 

I think Monotangles are harder than they look. A Monotangle is a tile using only a single tangle pattern, with any type of variation you like. Although they seem simple, the freedom and demand of creating the variations forces you to think a bit more. My favorite combo is to use 3 tangles in a tile. 

The string proposed by the group is string 231 by Annette Plaga-Lodde (find it here). 

Here is the line-art:

When it was time to shade, I turned the tile around and around, and ended up playing with it sideways:

This gave me more "crevices and corners" to shade, given that my favorite light placement is at the upper left side. Here is the final tile again for you to see:

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