Echoism and Trigue Tangle

I really like Echoism (Zentangle® HQ) tangle. It's just a series of loops you can decorate any way you like. Fun! 

In this tile, I combined Echoism with Aquafleur (Maria Thomas), Sprocket (deconstructed by Vera Giesbrecht here) and my latest tangle Trigue (see stepout below). 

Create cool Zentangle® •

Create cool Zentangle® •

Here is the line-art for you to compare:

Trigue Tangle

Trigue (pronounce "tree-goo-ee") is one of those weed-looking tangles that can be used over anything. I really like drawing it, it has a fun little triangle on each end that makes the design very different and fun to shade. 

Here is step-out for you to collect:


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