Drawing process of "Worm Heart"

I've been experimenting with digital painting, and these are my latest results. I wanted to create an example of a heart design with several terminals.

To produce the picture "Worm Heart" (don't you like the little pun?), I first started with an ink drawing over paper. I avoided adding any shading using pencil this time, since I wanted to see how it would work using the app.

After the sketch was ready, I simply photographed it using my Ipad. The image was then brought into a fun app I'm trying out called Procreate, which is very similar to Adobe Photoshop. I experimented with various painting apps on the ipad, and my two favorites so far are Procreate and Sketch Club.  They are both pretty similar, but I find the interface of Procreate to be cleaner and faster.

I'm using an Adonit Ipad pen, which is a pressure sensitive pen on the Ipad, and that makes it easier to paint. It's not quite as responsive as a tablet connected to the computer, but the convenience of painting on the Ipad is worth it.

In Procreate, I created several layers and painted the shading first. By shading in grey scale, it really allows you to see what you want to enhance. The shading is what makes the image look three-dimensional, but this is not a 3D-program, it's all painting effect.

Finally, after that, I added another few layers and painted the colors. The colored layer looks a little messy when seen by itself, because some of the coloring simulates bounce light on the picture.

Here are also two work in progress screens captured from Procreate:

I hope you like it!