Crossover method of designing and creating a signature style


Do you believe in synchronicity? Just a few short days after Lesson 12 The Book was released with the Crossover tip, other artist were endorsing it as a fabulous way to enhance your creative style. Tammy Powley from the fantastic blog wrote a short article on the benefits of crossover by combining jewelry styles with the knowledge you obtain from other crafts. If you are not familiar with this design method, then check out this page taken from Lesson 12 The Book. Of course there is a lot more to it, but essentially speaking, the Crossover BORROWS TRAITS FROM ENTIRELY DIFFERENT FIELDS.

This is probably the BEST tip I can give you from my entire arsenal on how to come up with good jewelry ideas.

An Example

When using the Crossover method, you don't have to limit yourself to just to other crafts or arts. The Crossover can happen from any field you happen to like.  Look at the picture of the pendant above. If you only knew how it came about -- the source of inspiration is as crazy as it gets. But you'll have to get Lesson 12 The Book to find out more. :-)

(If you are already following the series, did you notice that it also uses layering and radial design?)