Crewel Flowers

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I love embroidery. All kinds. It reminds me of my grandmother who taught me to embroider and make lace when I was a girl. One of my favorite types of embroidery is crewelwork, a type of embroidery with large, very stylized flowers. This picture is inspired by that type of work. 

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It all started because this morning, for no particular reason, suddenly I found myself looking at tapestry and crewelwork pictures on pinterest. Then I just picked up a piece of a cardboard box and started to draw with colored pencils, and things started flowing. Then I got a tan tile. What a great feeling!

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I think what I like about this is that it has obvious flora influence, but without any need to be realistic. That's why I really like Crewel Flowers, they are just a little whacky and fantasy like. Here's another view of the tile:

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If you like this style and would like to see a lesson on how to create this, contact me here. 


What I found surprising is that today, while looking through my blog, I realized that this is not the first time Crewelwork has inspired me to create art. Here is a picture I created back in August 2015, two years ago, which had a similar look and feel. Completely different, but still the same inspiration. Interesting! View post

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