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What is Art Club?

Art Club is a MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION -- now in pilot mode testing for a few months -- where you get access to ALL my new content, videos and ebooks, anything posted from the moment you sign up. 

If I sign up, do I get ALL of your lessons? 

No, you get all NEW lessons from the moment you sign up, including the latest one. Think of it as a magazine subscription: you wouldn't get older issues, only the newest ones, right? 


What kind of art lessons are included in Art Club?

I am a Certified Zentangle® Teacher and explore Zentangle® heavily, however, my lessons also include Zentangle-Inspired-Art, Shading, Painting, Coloring and Drawing techniques. I plan to post higher amount of VIDEOS than ebooks, since ebooks take longer to prepare. To get a general feel for the type of art lessons I create, visit my shop


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3DTangle Extreme Purk Video

Tomorrow will be too late, another day, another lesson!

Coming up next -- very soon, MOOKA 3D & DINGBATZ. 


How often do you post new content?

I plan to post 2 or 3 times a month. Being the compulsive teacher that I am, you can be SURE that you will get your money's worth! Keep in mind that since this is a pilot, this could change. The more subscribers I get, the more content I'll post!

Coming up next,
June 2nd

In this 45 minute video you'll learn how I create dingbatz, the latest craze in Zentangle® world. Additionally, also learn how to create the beautiful Mooka 3D, to enhance your dingbatz frames even more. 



Is this a study group? 

No, this is a SUBSCRIPTION. You get ALL my new content, not matter how large or small. 


Isn't it just easier to get lessons individually, a-la-carte?

If you like to pick and choose, then yes, it might be easier to get my lessons individually, so you can choose what you get. However, if you are a follower of my lessons -- thank you! -- then Art Club is a much better solution for you. New lessons will be automatically delivered to your email, and you will save a ton of money per year. 


Can I request a topic to be included in a lesson?

YES! I would love to hear your suggestions on topics you would like to see covered in new lessons. I want you to be happy!


Is there any exclusive material in Art Club?

If the pilot works and I can get the number of subscribers I need, then yes, there will be materials that are exclusive to Art Club. This is especially true for downloads that are too short for a full ebook or video. 


So Art Club is a monthly subscription?

Yes, it is a month to month recurring subscription -- when you sign up, your credit card number is stored by Stripe Payment gateway and is automatically charged at the SAME DATE every month. So if you sign up on the 24th of the month, your card will get charged again every 24th of each month, and you'll start getting all new content from that point on. 


Do you store my financial info?

NO, I DON'T have any access to your card  number. The card info is stored at Stripe, a world-class payment gateway which handles billions of dollars in payments. Find out more about Stripe here, or about their security here.


Can I cancel Art Club at any time? 

Yes, you can cancel at any time. Keep in mind that once you cancel, all downloads stop immediately. Also, since this is a digital downloads subscription, there are NO REFUNDS offered unless there was a verifiable mistake, such as a duplicate charge. If you cancel, it's YOUR job to cancel the subscription or to notify me before card is charged again. 


What if the pilot doesn't work?

The Art Club is in pilot mode for a few months. If I have enough subscribers, then it will continue on. If not, then I will cancel the club, and you won't be billed any longer. In any case, you get the downloads you wanted!!!! 

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EU and UK residents, please contact me to get a link for you to subscribe, ok!