Video Class: Tangling a Turquoise Brooch

Turquoise Brooch Video Lesson

This video class shows you how to create a lovely rose brooch with a turquoise stone. 

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There is so much information here, THIS VIDEO IS LIKE HAVING 5 LESSONS IN ONE!

 Learn how to create a gorgeous Zentangle® gem brooch •


• Color a turquoise stone

• Create a tangled gem brooch using my unique "Rose Bud" method

• Shade the gem brooch using gray markers and pencil

• Create and shade a decorative aura edge

• Add a quote to your tile after tangling

This is a super advanced class, delivered in streaming video.

This is the magnificent brooch Violette created!

(Posted with permission, thank you for the message!)

 Learn to create and draw turquoise •

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