Fantasy Thrones

How does the nursery rhyme go? "What are little boys made of? Slugs and snails, And puppy-dogs' tails". There is a particular age in a young boy's life when anything related to "poop" and the latrine is a constant source of endless laughter and delight. And a mother will do anything to make her son laugh, even make up "fantastical thrones" for his amusement.

Although totally silly, some of these were created for a more serious purpose: as part of an example for a creativity exercise of my Fantasy Worlds Workshop, back in 2000.

The students were given the following exercise: choose an every day object, and extract the essential features of it (the original image of a toilet). Then, using the features found in other objects, scenes or critters, adapt the design to fit the style of the chosen variable.

The results are... well, you can see for yourself!

Various drawings, part of, by Eni Oken.

Pen over paper.

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