One of the greatest inventions of medical technology is the "power port", also called the "portacath". This is a catheter that is implanted underneath the skin and connected to a main vein. This allows a cancer patient to be injected directly with drugs, instead of being poked with needles the MANY, MANY hundreds of times required during an extensive medical treatment. The advantage is that the patient can save their arm and hand veins, which can collapse under so many injections. To "install" one of these ports the patient undergoes is a small surgical procedure. The newer ports are placed under the skin, so they are not grossly visible from the outside, and this also prevents the catheter port from bringing infection. There is only a small cut (about 1.5 inches) and a bulk under the skin. It is usually placed on the chest just under the clavicle, but I choose to make a loose interpretation in this drawing showing the port straight through the person's chest.

Having one of those makes one reach out to dark humor: now we are really cybernetic robots! Hey, we can even have our own USB ports.

After treatment is entirely completed and there is no need for the port, it can be removed, leaving a small scar, which reminds  me of some kind of macabre medal pinned to the chest.

Just one of the many discomforts a cancer patient goes through that very few people know about. Now you know!


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