Two questions: tumbling and failed projects

I received the following questions:
>>>I guess my question for you (among many) is after creating one of yours (034 coiled bracelet) will it be all right to tumble it to clean it and also to harden the silver?

Answer: Yes, it is totally fine to tumble the coiled bangles. They should resist the tumbling just perfectly. If they don't, then you know you didn't build them right! :-)

>>>>>My next question............How many horrible things did you make and throw out in the beginning

Answer: Just to give you an idea, I have a shoe box I call "the cemetery", which is full of items which will never see the light of day or be shown on a website. This serves to remind me that not everything works out like we want it to, and that we are constantly learning!

2008, ArchiveEni Oken