Straightening wire

Question: It regards wire straightening. I purchase some sterling silver wire. I think it is 24 or 26 gauge – finer, anyway. It came on a reel and it is pretty bumpy – not nice and straight. Is it a good idea to try to straighten it with either a wire straightener or some other tool?

Answer: it's better to avoid straightening wire excessively, because it will make the wire more brittle and springier. But in this case where the wire is really bumpy, do this: cut the length of wire that you require for the project, and then run a soft cloth over it to straighten it. If it's REALLY bumpy, then use nylon jaw pliers, and just run it up once or twice.
And again, avoid doing it a lot, or it will make the wire really brittle and springy in time.

2008, ArchiveEni Oken