Net Bezel with two stones

I got the following message via email:

"Hi Eni, How do you make the Netted Bezel without the bail? What do you do with the end's of the wire? I am working on attaching 2 netted bezels stones together one on top of the other for a pendent. Only the one on top needs the bail. I am not sure how to end the wire on the second one."

Answer: I usually just form tiny loops at the ends, or spirals. When connecting two stones together, I usually form an underlying figure eight instead of trying to make two separate circular frames. That way, I only have two ends of the wire to deal with, and not four. gem161c
In this example, the underlying structure holding the two stones is a figure eight. After that, a second wire was added for the border (see also Border for Net Bezel).

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