Adding more thick wire to border work

I received the following question:

"Eni, I purchased the last 2 tutorials; netted bezel and border for netted bezel. I was wondering how do you begin and end the 20 ga wire for the one row of beads version? Is it done by the bail? Did you use a spiral or some other method?"

The answer:
It doesn't matter how many rows of beads you want to work, the wire is always added the same way. When I want to work a rows of beads around the netted bezel, I simply use longer 20ga wire. However, if the 20ga wire happens to be too short (so there were was only enough for the original netted pendant) and I feel like attaching new wire, it starts and ends with spirals.

The spirals don't have to be placed near the bail at all, they can be located anywhere.
In this example, the outer row of beads was created with wire which started and ended near the bail:

In this other example, the two spirals are located at the right side of the work, making it look more irregular and random.

2008Eni Oken