YOJ Week 14 - Rhodochrosite Golden Necklace

Ok, I'm on a roll making these netted bezel pendants. They are just too much fun to make! This one was netted around a chunk of rhodochrosite I found a long time ago -- not drilled -- and I was just waiting for the right project. The stones wire wrapped around it are: colorado sunstone (irregular light rose colored faceted stones), pink tourmaline (the dark pink rondelles) and the fantastic smooth magenta ruby nuggets (really rubies, even though they look like candy!). The smaller light colored rondelles are champagne quartz, AAA grade. All wrapped with goldfilled wire, 28ga coiled over 20ga. The necklace is strung with the same stones and is attached to a chain. Both the ruby nuggets and the sunstone were bought at BonitaCreations.com, one of my favorite suppliers -- Thanks Kris!
To buy this piece, go to the Rhodochrosite Golden Necklace page.

2007, ArchiveEni Oken