YOJ 2007 Week 44 Rainbow Babies and Tutorial

Alright -- after working on a bunch of these babies, I've FINALLY managed to unlock some method to the madness, and what was far more challenging, write a tutorial that made sense of all of it. I'm so psyched, I can't wait to see what people can do with it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To this date, it was by far the most complex tutorial to write. Here's the link to the tutorial and to more pictures: Rainbow Wrap Ring Tutorial.

Now, a word of caution: I labeled it VERY ADVANCED, so proceed carefully, these are highly creative waters. Since no two rings are ever alike, the tutorial was divided into three sections. The first two sections can be reproduced faithfully.... the third one is the challenge. To unlock it, I created a series of 4 rules to follow while showing how they are constructed. Let's see how it goes... Send me pics of your beauties!
2007Eni Oken