Wiley Willful Wild Wire

I received the following email from Linda -- I think we can ALL relate to it!

"Hi Eni,
I have been studing your techniques for a while now. Very impressive. At first when I was having "control" problems, I started making a list of names to call sterling wire. It helps maintain sanity, and I thought it might give you a giggle.

My Musings while
Mastering Eni’s Methods with the Wiley Willful Wild Wire

Spastic Springy Spaghetti
Terrible Tangled Tentacle
Lively Lace-making Lasso
Funky Fickle Filament
Rude Unruly Wrapper
Mangled Mess of Malleable Metal
Crazy Kinky Coil
Tricky Twisted Ties
Lazy Limp Lariat
Sadly Sadistic Silver
Runaway Rolls of Writhing Rope
Slinky Strands of Sterling
Misbehaving Miracle of Metallurgy
Spunky Spacial Spirals
Shiny Spools of Stored Silliness
Thin Threads of Torture
Salient Section of Absurdity
Freaky Flexible Fiber Filler
Curving Currents of Contentiousness
Loopy Lines of Ludicrousness
Helical Hordes of Havoc
Writhing Waves of Weaving Wire
Teasing Torrents of Trouble
Resistant Reams of Wrigley Rods
Uncoordinated Uncontrollable Appendages
Palsied Plaited Piles of Purpose
An Aggregate of Alloyed Aggravation


2007, ArchiveEni Oken