Tip: Making a bail for front drilled stones

Lorvin Rinaldi approached me with the following question: “I recently purchased a large amount of turquoise with front drilled holes . I was wondering if you could suggest a way to either frame the stone with a bail or incorporate a particular wrap to I guess in simple terms make it look good. “

I suggested using the Woven Bail for Focal Bead tutorial, but instead of slipping the three wires through the vertical hole (because there is none), slip the wires through the frontal hole, bind them together with the thin wire to form a loop and just spiral the ends of the thick wire to cover the hole and loop.
These are the images of what Lorvin produced!

Images by Lorvin Rinaldi. Images were used with permission of the author. You can reach Lorvin at www.foresthousejewelry.com

2006, ArchiveEni Oken